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Why this course?

You wish to suggest to the Board a new idea which involves some serious spending. The idea may be attractive but without the numbers you will not be convincing anyone! You need to know how decisions impact the financial statements of the organisation. This course will give you such knowledge and skills.

You feel uncomfortable during financial conversations or when you read the financial press. This course will not only give you comfort in understanding what is being said, but will also give you the power to challenge financial ideas.

You need to go to the financial statements of your own organisation or those of your competitors or partners and retrieve valuable information to act on it. If you retrieve the wrong numbers, you will be making wrong decisions! This course will ensure zero disasters!

You need to assess alternative investment opportunities and choose one of them. You hear of discount rates and cash flows and present values, etc. This course will remove any confusion about such terms.

You need to understand what is meant by hedging, derivatives, exotic transactions, etc. This course will enable you to actually construct such instruments!

You need to control the budgeting process and understand the difference between Budget and Budgeting. This course will take you through the whole spectrum of budgeting tools.

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