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Transit Trade

  • Procedures on transit goods through the port of Banjul to third country destinations has been harmonized in accordance with the ECOWAS convention relating to road transit of goods – Inter State Road Transit (ISRT).
  • Customs takes a leading role in this process by ensuring that the goods are properly secured and sealed in accordance with the ISRT Convention.
  • All transit goods are bonded with the GCCI the national guarantor to secure against any potential revenue lost.
  • The ASYCUCDA System, which is now extended to all Border stations, facilitates the documentation process of transit goods from the departure office to the exit office at the border.
  • A joint Trade Facilitation Committee, comprising representatives from Ministries of Finance and Trade, Customs, GCCI and other stakeholders has also been instituted to monitor and supervise the implementation of the ISRT.
  • No taxes are levied on goods in transit. A processing fee of 1.5% on CIF is imposed

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