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Returns Filing

Service Processes

A return is a form that captures a taxpayer’s business transaction and tax information for a particular period and tax type. Returns filing takes the following steps

  • Acquisition of the prescribed form(s) from GRA
  • Complete the form(s)
  • Submit the form(s) to GRA
  • Annual returns are due by the 31 March or three months after the end of the year to which they relate.

Monthly returns are due 15 days after the end of the month to which they relate. Taxpayers may request for an extension to file their tax returns

Forms required to be filled by client

  1. Corporate Income Tax return
  2. Individual Income Tax Return
  3. PAYE Monthly Schedule
  4. VAT Return
  5. Fringe Benefit Tax Monthly Return
  6. Pool & Betting Tax Return
  7. Withholding Tax Monthly Schedule
  8. Capital Gains Tax Return
  9. Payroll Tax Schedule (Expatriate Quota)
  10. Rental Income Tax Return
  11. Air travel Tax DeclarationForm
  12. Quarter Tax Declaration Form
  13. Taxpayer Request Form

Documents to be submitted by clients

Withholding tax certificates – requirement for corporate and individual taxpayers

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