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We collect your monthly instalments through your bank account. You can repay your loan either on a weekly or monthly basis until you have paid your loan in full. For our customers who choose the weekly option, this is collected 7 working days after the funds have been released. For monthly repayment arrangement we will collect at the end of the monthly billing period.

The length of time it takes to pay your loan would depend on your chosen payment method. You always have the option to repay your loan earlier.

We email statements on the 3rd of the following month after month end. We also have an online option where you’re able to view details of your next payment on your account.

Yes. An early repayment discount is available when you settle your loan early. This will depend on when you decide to settle the balance and how much is outstanding at the time. Please contact us and ask the amount of discount you’ll receive.

Only borrow money when you’re able to meet up with the repayments. You can avoid the additional charges by contacting us in advance if you’re aware that you’ll not be able to make the agreed instalment payment. Otherwise we are entitled to charge you additional fees which will increase your loan balance. This will also prevent you from obtaining further credit through us in the future.

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