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Registration of Employees

The registration of employees is done one a prescribed registration form; NPF2 form. Employees are required to give full and accurate information about themselves. Registering employees are required to provide information on the following among other things:

  • Full name
  • Permanent address
  • Correct date of birth
  • Exact employee salary
  • Marital status
  • Date employing commenced
  • Date of admission into
  • Employee nominees
  • Signatures of employee and employer

Employees must submit along with the completed registration form, two recent identical passport-size photographs and a genuine documentary evidence of birth – either a birth certificate, an attestation by village head endorsed by The District Chief or a National Identity Card.

Submit Genuine date of birth

It is very important to submit birth documents to authenticate dates of birth so as to facilitate the processing of membership cards. Undocumented dates of birth will delay payment of benefits at time of claim as all birth dates must be documented before benefits are paid.

Exact Salary

It is important to state your exact salary. Contribution are based on your basic salary. Make sure your salary is correctly stated on your form to enable SSHFC determine your contribution.

Date Employment Commenced

Registering members must sate the dates on which they commence work/employment. Your membership effectively starts on that date. Do not submit an inaccurate date.


To authenticate the information on the registration form, the employer and employee are required to sign it.

Nominees of a Member

Defendants of a member such as children, spouses or in their absence, parent and siblings should be listed as nominees. The addresses and ages of the various nominees should be clearly inserted and apportionment of percentages to each beneficiary indicated. The list must be updated as and when circumstance change. If you need to change your list, contact SSHFC.

Importance of Registring

Every employee to whom the SSHFC Act applies should ensure their registration with the Fund. This is the sure way of securing themselves and their families and guaranteeing income after retirement, or in the event of any of the specified contingencies such as death, redundancy, ill-health, etc. Etc.

Voluntary Registration

Any employer or employee to whom the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation Act does not apply, may voluntarily register with the fund.

Dual Membership

When an employee is concurrently employed by two or more different establishments, each shall pay to the Social Security Fund an amount equal to fifteen percentum of the salary or wages such employer pays to the employee.

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