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Making the most of your investments

When determining your financial strategy, it is important to understand the difference between saving and investing. If you save money on deposit with a bank or building society you will earn [a low rate of] interest.

If you buy shares or invest in a share-backed plan such as a unit trust or a life assurance policy, you will have the opportunity to earn dividend income and benefit from [potential] capital growth if the shares go up [and stay up] in value. Records show that in the long term the best share investments outstrip the best building society accounts in terms of the total returns they generate.

However, it is important to remember that shares can go down in value as well as up, and dividend income can fluctuate. If you choose the wrong investment you can get back less than you put in. The watchword, therefore, must be caution. You will need to consider the most important factors for you in your investment strategy.

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