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i-learning Finance for Non-Financial Professionals training

For Managers, Analysts, Executives and Financial Decision-Makers who have little knowledge and/or experience with Finance but who nonetheless are involved with finances, budgeting, reporting, financial statement analysis, investment management, internal audit and banking.

i-learning FFNFP delivers motivating, bite-size training through four Modules (eight CPD credit hours per Module) to ensure that by the end of the course participants :

  • Know how certain decisions impact the organisation’s financial statements
  • Understand and participate in financial conversations and current events
  • Easily interpret financial statements
  • Assess alternative investment opportunities, discount rates, cash flows, etc.
  • Use hedging techniques, including derivatives and exotic instruments
  • Control the budgeting process and the spectrum of budgeting tools at their disposal

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i-learning Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

Subscription cost:

£99 per Module *

Course Features:

  • Comprehensive, up-to-date 4-Module training
  • 8 CPD credit hours per Module
  • Tutor supportevery step of the way
  • Free access to all materials, case studies and tutor resources even after participants have finished the course.

For HR and Line Managers:

HR Application:

  • Set and manage training deadlines – ensure 100% staff participation!
  • Track participants’ progress in real-time
  • Access status and progress reports
  • Export reports to Excel if and when necessary

 *net of any taxes and other charges. Fee is per participant.

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