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Your funding cost depends on your credit review result, star rating (Our internal credit score) and how long you want to borrow the funds for. To find out your initial start rating, you can fill our out our online application form or request for a hard copy form through our office. Once approved you would have had the opportunity to improve your ‘Star Rating’.

Based on our credit assessment of your business, we will assign you an initial star rating ranging from 1-5. The higher your rating, the lower your interest rate will be. Rates change frequently per month.

We reassess your star rating on your regular basis as your business grows and you develop a history with us. 85% of our customers have their rating increased within the first 4 months of being active.

You can avoid getting late fees by getting in contact with us in advance if you’re aware you will not be able to make a scheduled payment. In the event we can’t reach you, your account can incur additional charges for late payment as specified in your funding agreement.

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