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Farley & Partners Financial Services is a SME finance lender focused on providing funding to small businesses to help them grow, sort out their operational and structural issues through our business development team. We are regulated to provide lending. To apply, just complete our application form either online or through our office at Kairaba Avenue, we will then invite you for an interview based on your application before reviewing it for a final decision

We do not outsource our credit review process to an outsider and this therefore allows us to reach a quick decision for our clients. Our culture encourages teamwork and we work with our clients as partners in their business. We seek to have a full understanding of our clients before we start working together and vice versa from their perspective. 

Where lending is declined, we will work with you to improve your chances of reapplying within a period of time and therefore we don’t send our clients away without providing them with an alternative solution.

Our application varies based on your type of business. You will be asked for details on your business and basic personal information.

Limited companies need a business bank account. Non-limited companies can provide a business or personal bank account.

We may still be able to provide you with funding. Following a credit review we will determine whether you’re eligible or not.

We will initially liaise with all the lending institution including the Central Bank to determine your credit history. This search can only be seen by the applicant and Farley & Partners Financial Services. If you accept our loan offer and receive funding we are required to share information related to that funding with other lenders in the country. Paying the loan on time helps maintain a good rating and positively impact your credit history for future lending.

We are sorry we couldn’t help provide you with funding. We do not provide reasons on why businesses are not approved for security and fraud prevention purposes.

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