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The i-learning AML programme is a comprehensive course that satisfies mandatory requirements by the regulators.

Compliance Officers will be relieved of many headaches with this unique programme :

  • Status and progress reports on participants’ attendance/absence/delay available in real time, generated as per your needs and exported to Excel if necessary.
  • Flexibility and efficiency: Staff can join the course at any point in time. No more worrying about getting all staff into one room at the same time!
  • YOU choose the deadlines to be set in the system. Deadlines can vary per participant/group, depending on participants’ availability. Training with i-learning AML usually spans one month, however, some firms may choose to complete the course in one week.
  • Upon completion, a certificate with all the details is issued to the participant and to the compliance officer.

Participants will enjoy the i-learning programme!

  • Compartmentalised, top-quality training in easy to read language.
  • Motivating Examples, Test Your Knowledge Questions and small case studies that require participants to identify suspicious behaviour and apply KYC policies to protect themselves, their bank and society.
  • Automated alerts before, on and after the deadline are sent to participants.
  • Flexibility: training can be done from the work or home computer, online or offline.

i-learning makes training fun, interesting and practical!

Learning is targeted and focused: Simple language and small tasks full of examples and mini cases make very motivating material and enjoyable reading. New or returning members in the teams can join at any point in time. Learning is web-based and participants can work on-line or off-line. The structure is as follows:

  • Course is made up of small assignments which are followed in progression. These assignments eventually make up a full size AML training manual.
  • Each Assignment contains:
    • Self study part, which comprises theory, examples, and progress tests.
    • Tutor feedback with comments and additional explanations and material if needed to communicate the relevant messages.
    • Follow-up case studies (small tests)
    • Students can communicate with the tutor through the messaging system (it is like internal e-mailing) to resolve any queries or concerns they have. Any messages sent to and from are also sent as e-mails at the same time.
  • Assigned line managers or HR can view the progress of each individual or group in real time. They also receive prompts when a participant delays the submission of an assignment.

Download the diagram demonstrating the life cycle of a Gnosis i-learning assignment

Life-cycle of an Assignment

Our generic Foundation level programme comprises four Assignments. Training with i-learning AML usually spans one month, however, some firms may choose to complete the course in one week – YOU control the deadlines to fit your workplace requirements.

We will customise the course based on your needs, policies and local regulations of your jurisdiction.

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